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Hi, my name is Robin I am Honored to have served in the United States Marine Corps. Certified  in Personal Trainer with NASM, Certified Nutritional Consultant and Certified Holistic Life Coach specializing in Wellness. I have over 17 years experience in the Health & Wellness Field and am a Health Advocate for Whole Foods, LifeTime Fitness, Go For Red For Women, Gilda’s Club, The Heimerdinger Foundation and Director of Wellness offices. I worked with Dr Charles Majors co-author of Cancer Killer. I am also a Mother of two and a grandmother. I am inspired to create a healthy and enjoyable life for myself, and the people around me. I will guide and show you how to make it happen for your life! On a daily basis you are participating in the creative process of your life every single moment of every single day by the things that you choose to do and there are 1,440 minutes in a day. Let me help, guide and support you in making the optimal lifestyle choices to live the most fulfilling life possible.

When you’re ready for help, use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

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You’ll see how easy it is to make significant changes in your health with nutrition and exercise, whether you’re fighting disease, want to feel better overall or lose weight.

My wish is for you to make simple changes that will begin immediately and will become a lifestyle change lasting forever. Love is the strongest most powerful force for your body’s balance and healing…LOVE YOURSELF! 


“You gave me so many eating tips and gave me a workout session at your house. I should have done this sooner, but I just wanted to let you know how much that meant to me. My life has completely changed, and you taking your time to educate me had had such a huge role in that! I have completely changed my diet, giving up dairy, not eating sweets as much, and I gave up bread!!(the hardest and my favorite of the 3) I have such a passion for working out and love helping and educating others on small ways to make big changes in their health. The gym that I workout at has asked me to intern with them and so I will eventually be helping others like you helped me! So I just wanted to extend a thank you so much for jump starting such an amazing passion and lifestyle for me. It has been such a blessing!” Shelby H.


“She is one special lady and truly cares about people and making their lives better. She is a beautiful person inside and out!”  Victoria F.


“Robin – you are beautiful and an inspiration. My new path is a questioning one, but you have reminded me to be grateful and remember to nurture what is important. Thank you.”          Light and Love- Jennifer A.


“Robin is one of the most loving, giving and hard working individuals I have come in contact with here in Nashville.  She is the heart and soul of comforting to her clients battling cancer.  Her petite package doesn’t begin to contain her enthusiasm and energy.  She is a former Marine, a fitness and juicing expert, a bundle of intellect and a Nashville treasure.”          Marilyn L.


“You are so genuine and so very knowledgeable, and you’ve helped so many people.”    Rebecca Y.


“You radiate love, acceptance, and warmth! You are blessed with those gifts and also inspiring and teaching others. I am so blessed to know you!” Kim S.


“When you want the best for you, your family or your company, you seek out the person who can give you what you need, I am so thankful for all of her help, and for getting us out of the “weeds” when we needed it. I can’t say enough about all the help she was during that challenging time!”   Missy M.


“In all truth the best part of having Robin out was how she inspired and created a huge vision.” Josh A.

Develop a Desire for Health and Being Fit

A desire is completely personal and comes from within. Our actions are usually based on fear or desire. If you are trying to implement nutritional lifestyle changes, because you are fearful that you will stay sick or never achieve the weight or health you would like, you are most likely going to fail. Fear is a powerful force, but not one that spurs you toward greatness. Desire, though, is a burning that comes from within and has the power to change your very nature and core.


Stop wasting your time following a “program” designed for someone else! Let me help you reach your individual nutritional goals. Whatever your goal is losing, fat, gaining muscle, improving strength, improving athletic performance, increasing stamina and energy OR general health and well being…I will help you achieve your goals!


Balance is our mission, we strive to help our community to return to a state of balance and homeostasis. Restoring their functionality and help sustain well-being of body and mind. Fitness and Health need to be a Lifestyle.   CLICK HERE TO WORK WITH ROBIN!


Denise has seven years of functional experience in “getting sh*t done” and would love to hear from you! If you need help developing yourself personally, professionally or if you need a boost to get an amazing idea off the ground, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page to reach out to Denise, a professional development coach. She is available for small project management, business viability consulting, or if you just need one more person to put in some elbow grease. Her resume includes university level student mentorship programs, Peace Corps, corporate healthcare technology consulting, among other things (including raising a dog and tending a garden).

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Change isn’t always easy.

Most people find that with all the distractions life throws in our path, it’s easy to lose sight of our goals and get discouraged.  The result: putting off important life goals and cherished dreams for another day.

How can coaching help?

A holistic wellness life coach helps you clarify what you really want in life.  Coaching can help you figure out the specific steps you need to take in order to achieve your life and health goals.  Situations that might seem difficult or impossible when faced alone may feel entirely different once you have a coach inspiring you to find creative options. Coaching will challenge you to stay accountable to your dreams, moving forward with actions that will work for your individual life style.

Is wellness or life coaching right for you?

Coaching is not psychotherapy. It’s a partnership in which you set the agenda, and get guidance achieving your healthy life and dreams.  Together we’ll look at your health, your beliefs, your challenges and your goals and dreams from a fresh perspective, and equipping you with whatever it is you need to move forward in your health and life.

Nutritional Evaluation and Coaching is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, or treatment for any disease, physical or mental. It is also not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.

If You can dream of it, We can help you move towards it!

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