Thinking Positive


Psychologists suggest that actively editing your negative self-talk patterns is a powerful way to support healthier lifestyle choices. For example, anytime you catch yourself thinking, “I am too busy to work out,” rephrase the thought in more positive, empowering terms, such as, “I choose […] Read More

Make A Positive Plan


The best way to make time for exercise is to have a written plan. “Decide on the best time for exercise in your schedule and actually enter it into your computer or cell-phone calendar as a repeat event.  Even if you just […] Read More

The Happiness Pledge

The Happiness Pledge

We would ALL LOVE to make a simple, but profound difference, which symbolizes our commitment to being a positive influence with a noble effort taking your own unique part in creating a happier society for our self and others.  This is about each […] Read More

Healthy Habits

Never skip breakfast: Skipping breakfast might seem like it can lead to weight loss, but it’s doing just the opposite. Enjoying a high-protein, high-fiber breakfast keeps you energized throughout the morning, while forgetting breakfast actually slows down your metabolism.
Move every day: Start the day with […] Read More

Things That Make Me MOVE!

Just some ideas for you.

The feeling of taking deep breathes when I workout.

Breathing through Sun Salutations – Working out with weights and feeling my muscles smiling – Pushing myself to the limit – Realizing I am able to hold my plank position longer than last […] Read More

Improve Your Health & Well-Being

Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. To have a higher purpose in our life. I believe by prioritizing happiness in life and your work, you can create change in the world more than we ever thought possible.

 Eudaimonia: Is a remarkable […] Read More

Your Life Purpose

Be inspired to pursue your dreams and discover the impact you are meant to have on the world.

Definition-Life purpose is about why you are here on the planet. Who is it that you are moved to be and what is it that you are moved […] Read More

Do What Makes You Happy

It has taken me several years of coming to terms with accepting what makes me happy and consciously choosing to do those things. It sounds easy—”do what makes you happy.” But what if people around you aren’t doing those same things? Part of growing up […] Read More

True Balance

True balance only exists in the heart, and both success and failure take you equally as far from that balance as possible. So regardless of if you’ve failed or succeeded, there needs to be a moment to reflect back into your center and what grounds you, […] Read More

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