Do What Makes You Happy

It has taken me several years of coming to terms with accepting what makes me happy and consciously choosing to do those things. It sounds easy—”do what makes you happy.” But what if people around you aren’t doing those same things? Part of growing up […] Read More

Find Your Balance

It’s vital to remember that your body is like a bank account. You want to make more deposits than withdrawals. Why? Because its awesome to be wealthy and healthy! The more acidic foods, you thrust into your beautiful body the more you dim your shine […] Read More

True Balance

True balance only exists in the heart, and both success and failure take you equally as far from that balance as possible. So regardless of if you’ve failed or succeeded, there needs to be a moment to reflect back into your center and what grounds you, […] Read More

Challenge Yourself and Have Fun!

The key to success in fitness is finding something you Love and do it with passion. Get out there and try new experiences, take a new class, “Check out our approved business list”, purchase an exercise DVD, get a personal trainer,  “I CAN HELP YOU”, […] Read More

Coconut Water

Fling that sugar laded sports drink aside. Coconut water has more potassium, less sodium and fewer calories and is an excellent choice for low sugar nourishment whether you exercise or not. (“If you are not exercising we need to talk!”)

Getting the right balance of electrolytes […] Read More


I always say “SMILE FROM YOUR HEART!” There’s a lot of medical documentation today that confirms how smiling, laughing and feeling Joy definitely relieves stress, makes you healthier, and can help you live a longer, happier life. For example, when you smile and laugh, the […] Read More

“What Keeps Me Moving!”

Being active is a very important part of what makes me happy and keeps me going. The average person should exercise at least thirty minutes every day to stay healthy according to the American Heart Association. When people hear the word they usually think of going […] Read More

Happiness and Detoxing

When you’re trying to get your health back on track, there are many ways to detox your way to feeling better. The best way is to flush out toxins, however, it can be simple: lots and lots of pure water. But you don’t have to […] Read More

Matcha Tea

Matcha is packed full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Matcha’s antioxidant levels are over twenty times higher than that of pomegranates or blueberries, and over sixty times that of spinach. Absolutely amazing!

The young green leaves in matcha tea are ground up whole and do […] Read More

Happy Morning Shake

This is my “All Time Favorite” morning shake.

8 ounces-Homemade Almond Milk

1 Tbsp- Goji Berries (This amazing little superfruit also contains natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compounds. Their powerful antioxidant properties and polysaccharides help to boost the immune system.) 

1 Tsp-Bee Pollen (Bee pollen is the food […] Read More

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