Keep Moving Forward

Having a bad day? Heading out for a jog, run or walk, fitness/yoga class or popping in a workout DVD is sure to flip your mood around, but exercise can also change your outlook and give your life deeper meaning. Whenever you find yourself doubting […] Read More

Love Yourself

Organic food is investing in preventive care, rather than paying on the back end for treatment, disease & medical bills. I am actively preventing future illness by being as healthy as possible.

My wish is for you to make simple changes that will begin immediately and […] Read More

Things That Make Me MOVE!

Just some ideas for you.

The feeling of taking deep breathes when I workout.

Breathing through Sun Salutations – Working out with weights and feeling my muscles smiling – Pushing myself to the limit – Realizing I am able to hold my plank position longer than last […] Read More

Kindness to Your Body and Your Community

Joanna Gaston, founded The Kind Cake, a cupcake shop specializing in handcrafting cupcakes that are gluten-free in January of 2014.  Gaston started the Nashville, Tennessee based company with a mission catalyze a kindness movement while providing a healthier alternative to the conventional cupcake, without compromising […] Read More

Improve Your Health & Well-Being

Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. To have a higher purpose in our life. I believe by prioritizing happiness in life and your work, you can create change in the world more than we ever thought possible.

 Eudaimonia: Is a remarkable […] Read More

Your Life Purpose

Be inspired to pursue your dreams and discover the impact you are meant to have on the world.

Definition-Life purpose is about why you are here on the planet. Who is it that you are moved to be and what is it that you are moved […] Read More

Think Your Way Fit

You can train your brain to bring your body improved results.

See the end goal, the finish line. Before you begin write down one or two reasons you are doing it! When it gets difficult you have a better chance sticking with it if you are […] Read More

Exercise and Smile

Total Body Exercise

Do the exercises for 30 seconds each. Say and Believe the statements after each exercise! There is no rest between each exercise. After completing the set; smile, rest for 1-2 minutes, drink water and complete it 3 times for a total of 9 […] Read More

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