The Mighty Power of Love

My Mantra I Personally Try to Live By

There is a mighty power in your heart. To experience this power firsthand, the next time you are in a conversation with somebody, imagine that your words are coming from your heart, rather than your mind. While speaking, stay focused on your words coming from your heart. As you do this you will feel a wave of utter bliss move through you. As you become practiced, you will see the effect of your heart on the person you are speaking with. The power of your heart will also reach many others, as nothing can get in the way of its powerful radiation.  Go a make a loving difference in someone’s life today!

This week is very special for me.  On the 16th of June I will celebrate the life of my beloved and wonderful son Anthony.  He was taken from us in a tragic accident 5 years ago.  There isn’t a moment that goes by that he is not on my heart. But I still stay in the present of being grateful for the amazing time he was here with me.

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