Balance of Healthy Choices

1.  Fresh lemons- see here for wonderful benefits

  • Add to your water
  • Add to good oils making delicious salad or veggie dressing
  • Add to herbal teas
  • Add to wild caught fish

2.  Stevia – A Minimum 80% Rebaudioside quality (literally a trade out for sugar without chemicals, and with high quality and no aftertaste)

  • Use in place of sugar
  • With lemons or limes, making delicious lemonade or limeade
  • With lemons, limes and blueberries, make frozen popsicles
  • Read labels watch out for added Dextrose.

3.  Good Oils are all cold pressed and virgin

  • Avocado Oil is delicious it has a 574-degree heat point.
  • Coconut Oil carries many nutrients, and again, good internally and externally. It is also a top choice for any high heat point in cooking.
  • Sesame, Flax and Olive Oils are good no or low heat oils.

4.  Vegetables are best lightly cooked or raw – and did you know

  • Broccoli is 49% protein
  • Sprouts are one the most nutritious food
  • Artichoke is healthy for the liver
  • Asparagus is healthy for the kidneys

In Balance-What to Avoid Just as important as what to provide your body for good health is what to avoid.  Here are some of the biggest health threat offenders:

  • Sugar & HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) –cause diabetes, obesity…
  • Avoid GMO foods
  • Artificial sweeteners (excitotoxins – kills brain cells)
  • Highly processed foods (nutritionally empty calories)
  • Junk foods (high calorie, low nutrition, bad for gut bacteria)
  • Sodas, fruit drinks (empty calories and HFCS or artificial sweeteners)
  • Fake fats – trans fats – margarine, vegetable oil, canola oil, and hydrogenated oils.
  • Chlorinated water, fluoridated water-add harmful chemicals to your body…never use tap water.

Follow these steps and you will be healthier than 99% of the world.

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