Is a way of fully experiencing life through awareness, presence, and the explorationof your senses, to creating a fuller, more passionate, and more satisfying life.

It seems so easy to forget to notice and enjoy the little things that happen every day. Suddenly you may discover that time and life have passed you by. Taking a sensual approach begins with showing up, noticing, and hopefully enjoying what life is offering you. You can, first of all, enhance the use of your five main senses:

  1. Vision/Seeing
  2. Audition/Hearing
  3. Taste
  4. Smell, and
  5. Touch/Feeling

With the right focus or state of mind, you can make anything in life a sensual experience: eating chocolate or enjoying a sumptuous meal, meditating or focusing on your breath, walking the beach and feeling the breeze on your face and the sand beneath your feet, watching a sunset, dancing and feeling your body move through space, smelling roses or flowers in a garden, looking into the face of a loved one, painting or any of the creative arts, working in your career, making loveā€¦ you name it. Sensuality can involve more than the use of the five senses: When we bring in awareness and intuition, it goes beyond just sensing. Using the art of Sensuality is a way to allow passion and awe into everyday life – a life for which you will begin to feel more and more grateful and appreciative, even in challenging times.

Living life from a sensual place, thus allowing more passion, awe, enjoyment, and a sense of gratitude to come to you!

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