The Happiness Pledge

The Happiness Pledge

We would ALL LOVE to make a simple, but profound difference, which symbolizes our commitment to being a positive influence with a noble effort taking your own unique part in creating a happier society for our self and others.  This is about each of us choosing to live in a way that increases happiness and reduces unhappiness – in our personal lives, homes, schools, workplaces and communities.

We believe that creating a happier society requires a fundamental shift in values – away from our current culture of self-obsessed materialism towards a society which is more loving, caring, positive and collaborative.  That is how the wonderful creation of HappyNash began. Leaving a legacy of LOVE for others! That sort of change doesn’t come from outside, it comes from within. It’s about our fundamental philosophy of life – choosing to treat others well, put our own gifts to good use and live a positive life with meaning and purpose.

  1. Be a HAPPY Activist-Be a positive change in this fabulous world.
  2. Build a positive environment in our home and workplace.
  3. Be kind to others.
  4. Connect and spread happiness in your local community. Volunteer at a special place that resonates with your heart and passion.
  5. Most importantly LOVE YOURSELF!

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