The Hidden Cost of Beauty Products

What’s on the inside is deeply connected with what’s on the outside. Your physical appearance speaks volumes about your habits, diet, exercise, emotional state and how happy you are in your relationships and what you think about yourself. So as you work on your inner […] Read More

Thinking Positive


Psychologists suggest that actively editing your negative self-talk patterns is a powerful way to support healthier lifestyle choices. For example, anytime you catch yourself thinking, “I am too busy to work out,” rephrase the thought in more positive, empowering terms, such as, “I choose […] Read More

Make A Positive Plan


The best way to make time for exercise is to have a written plan. “Decide on the best time for exercise in your schedule and actually enter it into your computer or cell-phone calendar as a repeat event.  Even if you just […] Read More

The Happiness Pledge

The Happiness Pledge

We would ALL LOVE to make a simple, but profound difference, which symbolizes our commitment to being a positive influence with a noble effort taking your own unique part in creating a happier society for our self and others.  This is about each […] Read More

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