Urban Green Lab


Our mobile lab enables us to reach diverse and underserved populations to enhance middle and high schools’ science and technology curricula and inspire sustainable behaviors. This cutting-edge programming for Nashville public schools creates ongoing educational, mentoring, and relationship-building opportunities.

The lab explores 5 important topics in sustainability: energy, water, green building, food & agriculture, and sustainable transportation. It challenges students to make everyday choices that save money, resources, and improve their quality of life. Developed in collaboration with teachers, school staff, and students, the mobile lab prevents the need to spend time, energy, and money on permission slips and school buses by bringing hands on activities directly to you. The lab connects classroom learning with real world applications, employing problem-based learning and interactive activities. As a service to our Nashville community, the mobile lab is offered free of charge to Metro Nashville Public Middle and High Schools and will be available for a reasonable rate to private and home schools. Interested in having the Mobile Lab at your school? Sign up!

Urban Green Lab’s Mobile Classroom Launches.

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