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Meg Kipp from Yogassage studio gives Happy Nash a little insight on beating the edge, trusting your path, and enjoying the ride.


Happy Nash: Meg, can you please give us a little background on yourself and your studio?

Meg Kipp: I grew up in Nashville, got my B.A. in Psychology from UT, lived in Barcelona and Philly, just moved back to Nashville late fall 2013. I have always been interested in perception, and the mind body connection. My dad was a Philosophy major, and then went on to Law School, but lets just say I had some awesome hippie parents. Their views on travel, other cultures, knowledge and world religions helped me to be open to other possibilities besides a traditional career. My grandmother also practiced yoga and meditated daily before it was even well known over here. I have some family that does Transcendental Meditation in Iowa. I have heard I have family members that could levitate! But I know not how… its all coming.. just keep practicing I’m told.

My studio is my heart. I have a huge wall covered in chalk board paint, (I have a background as an ESL teacher.. and I can get pretty teacher-esque as far as yoga philosophy and the law of attraction etc). I use the wall to write the names of the poses in Sanskrit, draw diagrams and other things to supplement the practice. There are no mirrors, and I do not teach heated classes. I teach beginners and advanced, all ages, sizes and shapes. And yes, we chant OM in every class and make time to meditate, its important to keep reminding ourselves of that connectedness, and root vibration that is in us all.  I decided to call it Yogassage because while practicing Yoga I like to incorporate aspects of massage, and Thai Yoga Massage into the adjustments and Savasana (final relaxation). I like to incorporate Reiki chakra balancing into the practice and meditation as well. So while I try my best to teach and practice the 8 limbs of Ashtanga yoga, I also like to supplement with other things I have learned to be healing. Ayurveda~ or the Indian Science of life and preventative medicine incorporates yoga asana practice, as well as kriyas  (or cleansing practices) one being abhyanga (or daily self oil massage). I learned and experienced many of these treatments during my 200 hour Teacher training in India in 2010.

HN: What is the most challenging pose you’ve mastered? How did you overcome the obstacles?

MK:  For me, I would say inversions and intense back bending poses,  probably Eka Pada Raja Kapotonasana- one legged king pigeon, or Scorpion~ Vrschikasana

They were just difficult for me, due to tension, injury and emotional and mental restriction. As the yoga tradition moved from East to West, many aspects of the practice have been lost… and the outward fancy expressions of the poses are what we focus on. For me Yoga, is so much more than fancy poses. Its all that other stuff, that I put into practice that allowed me to quiet my mind, and heal my heart and soul.  Patanjali layed the foundation for us with the 8 limbs ofthe yoga practice. The physical practice of asana, or what we Westerners think of when we think of yoga, is but one of 8 facets of your lifetime of yoga practice. The 8 limbs being the Yamas- observances, Niyamas- restraints, asana- yoga poses, pranayama- breath work, pratyahara- sense withdrawal, dharana- intense focus, dhyana- state of meditation, samadhi- state of oneness and pure bliss. Those practices built into my lifestyle allowed me to be open, vulnerable and fearless while being meditative and strong in my body, mind and spirit.  Let me just tell you, it has not been easy and it’s a practice… every damn day. haha Some days its easy, and some days there are lessons to be learned.

HN: What sources of inspiration do you draw from for your classes and massages.

MK: To see people go through their own realizations and be empowered by their physical and emotional healing.  I love so much to see transformations in people, physically and mentally, breaking down barriers and piercing through ignorance, taking charge and living happier, healthier more fulfilled lives.

HN: For budding entrepreneurs, what do you think is one important lesson you’ve learned?

MK: Trusting my path. Trusting that it’s silly for me to think I have any control at all!!! Life has already been planned out for me, I’m just here loving and living it up.

HN: What’s one thing about you that no one knows?

MK: Even thought I’m around people all day, I have social anxiety and I love spending time alone.

 HN: What are you excited about in the next six months?

MK: My 500 hour Quantum Yoga Teacher Training in Sri Lanka. Words can not begin to express my excitement.

Meg Kipp

2320 West End Avenue 37203

Reiki, Yoga and Massage Therapist

Feng Shui Consultant

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