This Is Not a Diet-The 3 Simple Steps

1.   If the food was not created in nature, do not eat it (If you can’t read it, don’t eat it).

2.   If the food has been altered by man, do not eat it (If man changed it, exchange it).

3.   Do not let any food be your ruler (If you can do without, throw it out).

The first two changes are very simple to implement because they are horizontal shifts in our eating habits. If you are eating man fats and meats simply replace them with good fats and meats. This takes very little effort beyond educating yourself to your new food choices listed below.

The third change is challenging and should be implemented after making changes in the first two. This change may be difficult but it will yield the greatest transformation in your health.

1.Removing the Bad Fats. Replacing them with Raw Nuts, Avocados, and Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil.

•Bad fats such as hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, trans fats, and rancid vegetable oils are linked to cellular congestion leading to cancer, chronic fatigue, and neurotoxic syndrome.

•Bad fats are also linked to chronic inflammation, which is the key to 21st century medicine. Heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes etc. are the leading cause of death in the United States and inflammation is at the root.

•Natural Good fats are essential to hormone production, cancer prevention, brain development, weight loss, cellular healing, and anti-inflammation.

2. Change the Meats You Eat. Switch to grass fed meats and meat without steroids and antibiotics.

•There are hundreds of studies that link commercial meats with cancer and heart disease.

•The grain fed to animals created to eat grass changes fatty acid ratios and denatures good fats, leading to modern day disease.

•The bioaccumulation of commercial pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and hormones in meats are far higher than what you receive from commercial vegetables. This leads to many cancers and chronic illness.

3. Remove ALL Processed Sugars from your Diet.

•This includes white rice, white pasta, and white bread.

•1/3 sugar comes from soft drinks, 2/3 from hidden sources including: lunch meats, pizza, sauces, breads, soups, crackers, fruit drinks, canned foods, yogurt, ketchup, mayonnaise,

High glycemic or refined sugars cause elevated glucose, which elevates insulin leading to premature aging and degenerative diseases such as type II diabetes, heart disease (inflammation of the arteries) and cancer.

-Genuine, outstanding health can be achieved through precise, simple and innovative lifestyle choices…This is not a diet!


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