Think Your Way Fit

You can train your brain to bring your body improved results.

See the end goal, the finish line. Before you begin write down one or two reasons you are doing it! When it gets difficult you have a better chance sticking with it if you are motivated from visualizing your success.

Set mini goals, while you are lacing up your running or workout shoes, decide exactly what you want to accomplish during this workout, lifting 1 pound more than last week, cutting seconds for a run, making it through a tough class are just some examples. How about just showing up and being committed to do any type of workout! Small repeated successes will help you stay committed to your long-term goals. When you have a great workout session, remember it is not a fluke or luck. Remind yourself because you’ve been pushing yourself harder, eating better and staying more focused. Just knowing you are in control of the outcome keeps you motivated and always striving to do your finest.

YOU ARE AMAZING! So take a moment to say out loud “ I AM AMAZING!”

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