Think Your Way Fit

You can train your brain to bring your body improved results.

See the end goal, the finish line. Before you begin write down one or two reasons you are doing it! When it gets difficult you have a better chance sticking with it if you are […] Read More

Exercise and Smile

Total Body Exercise

Do the exercises for 30 seconds each. Say and Believe the statements after each exercise! There is no rest between each exercise. After completing the set; smile, rest for 1-2 minutes, drink water and complete it 3 times for a total of 9 […] Read More

Do What Makes You Happy

It has taken me several years of coming to terms with accepting what makes me happy and consciously choosing to do those things. It sounds easy—”do what makes you happy.” But what if people around you aren’t doing those same things? Part of growing up […] Read More

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