Challenge Yourself and Have Fun!

The key to success in fitness is finding something you Love and do it with passion. Get out there and try new experiences, take a new class, “Check out our approved business list”, purchase an exercise DVD, get a personal trainer,  “I CAN HELP YOU”, or workout with a friend for accountability and connection! Surprise your body and you will be surprised by the wonderful changes!

Example of Exercise-
Do as many push-ups as you can for 40 seconds. Repeat the 40-second exercise with all the exercises below with one-minute rest in between -with squats, crunches and lunges with proper posture and only using your own body weight.

The key is also to push yourself to oxygen deprivation (to the point of breathing hard). This forces your heart and lungs to improve efficiency and capacity. With a strong heart and lungs you will feel almost invincible.

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Robin Mizaur


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