Coconut Water

Fling that sugar laded sports drink aside. Coconut water has more potassium, less sodium and fewer calories and is an excellent choice for low sugar nourishment whether you exercise or not. (“If you are not exercising we need to talk!”)

Getting the right balance of electrolytes could replenish your energy. It is also known to help lower your blood pressure, and help rebuild lean muscle, which are only some of the reasons coconut water has become one of the latest health trends.

Coconut water is tapped from the center of young, green coconuts. Be careful to make the right choices, since not all coconut waters are created equal. Use these guidelines below to make sure you get all the benefits without being tricked into buying an unhealthy alternative. My all time favorite is putting a straw in a real coconut or you can buy the brand “Real Coconut Water.”

  • Check labels for no added sugars
  • Choose plain, unflavored coconut water
  • Check it has no more than 60 calories per serving
  • Drink to rehydrate you after a long night’s sleep
  • Drink it after working out to replenish lost electrolytes

Drink Up and Enjoy!

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