Life Lessons

I have come to realize that the purpose of relationships is to assist us in the process of awakening to what exists within and around each of us and to help acknowledge our own magnificence and wholeness.  I read this poem sometime ago and use it everyday as my mantra.


There is a mighty power in your heart. To experience this power firsthand, the next time you are in a conversation with somebody, imagine that your words are coming from your heart, rather than your mind. While speaking, stay focused on your words coming from your heart. As you do this you will feel a wave of utter bliss move through you. As you become practiced, you will see the effect of your heart on the person you are speaking with. The power of your heart will also reach many others, as nothing can get in the way of its powerful radiation.

                       SMILE WITH YOU HEART!!!!!!!!!


I will spend just a few lines on what doesn’t help you succeed, it is not enough to just think about something for a few minutes, then have doubts and negative feelings, you MUST think positive, your mind is powerful, focusing on the negative will attract the negative.

Life is a flow of love and your participation is requested. Love is the ultimate energizing elixir of the universe. You need to desire to connect and release the energy that already exists in the universe. Life is an adventure, it doesn’t matter what you are driving on the journey just as long you don’t have the emergency brake on. The only way to change yourself and the world is fully be in it and take action.

Anything that crosses your mind has the right to exist! When you tend to your own love, happiness and joy, something wonderful will happen. You begin to overflow with bliss and every single person that you come into contact with is touched by your own joy. One person in harmony brings so much joy to the world through the magnificent energy in the universe.


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