Homemade Rainbow Nut Milks

You’ll use this recipe to make all of the Rainbow Milk flavors that follow.Makes 8 cups.

3 cup raw almonds, soaked for at least 4 hours (you can also use other nuts like walnuts, brazil nut, cashews and hazelnuts, etc.)

Put almonds in a bowl with enough water to cover all the nuts and place the bowl in the fridge. Soaking them overnight is best, but 4 hours is fine.

Rinse and drain the almonds then place into a good blender along with the filtered water and pitted dates. Blend on the highest speed for 1-2 minutes. Place a nut milk bag over a large bowl and slowly pour the almond milk mixture into the bag. Gently squeeze the bottom of the bag to get all the milk out. Rinse out the blender and pour the milk back in. Add pinch of sea salt and blend on low to combine.


1.5 cups of almond milk base
1 Tbsp. chorella powder (Chlorella is a single-celled freshwater alga. Chlorella contains vitamin C and carotenoids, both of which are antioxidants) 
Shake together in a small mason jar.

One suggestion : This tastes so good with Teechino (a coffee substitute, that is alkalizing for your body) Chlorella is one of my favorite superfoods—it’s a beautifully simple way to get extra greens into your diet and helps your body fight free radicals.


1.5 cups of almond milk base
1/3 cup goji berries, soaked for 30 minutes. 
Blend for 20–45 seconds and pour into small  mason jar.

They are such an amazing little fruit—they contain all 20 essential amino acids, making them a complete protein, and are incredibly high in vitamin A.


1.5 cups of almond milk base
1–2 Tbsp. raw cacao 
1 Tbsp. raw maple syrup
 Shake together in a small jar

One suggestion: This is really tasty in a smoothie. Try throwing in a banana and ice if you don’t have much time. It’s very high in flavonoids and it contains theobromine, a caffeine-like substance that gently wakes up the system. ” Lets get moving!”


1.5 cups of almond milk base
1–2 tsp. grated fresh turmeric (use 1 tsp. if using dried)
Blend for 20–45 seconds and pour into small jar

One suggestion: This recipe is not everyone’s cup of tea; it is perfect in a cup of chai tea. Turmeric is a very potent root known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Less inflammation in the body means less fatigue, stress, weight gain and even pain.


1.5 cups of almond milk base
1 cup organic blueberries
Blend for 20–45 seconds and pour into small jar

One suggestion: This is the thickest of the milks and is perfect for smoothies or just by itself.

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